Orange Tree’

FAMILY: Citrus

USES: Fruit and its evocative leaf shape. Does well as a fruit tree, espalier, container plant, near pools and lakes, streams, patios and in courtyards.

SIZE: Grows 6-9m tall with a 4.5-6m spread.

LOCATION: Full sun to partial shade. Does best in coastal areas and in well protected locations in the interior regions. Shade any pots from the sun to reduce heat to the soil root zone.

SOIL: Best in an organically enriched free draining fertile soil with a pH 5.1 – 7.5, strongly acidic to neutral.

FERTILISER: Apply a slow release 8:4:8 NPK annually in spring. May require supplemental K and N for best fruit set. Do not over fertilise.

WATER: Keep soil moist. Does not accept over irrigation or waterlogging.