Money Plant, Pothos’


USES: Strong leaf colour and shape and is a self-fixing climber. As an understorey plant, groundcover, creeper or trailer and in hanging baskets and window boxes.

SIZE: Grows 40-60cm tall as a groundcover and up to 12 tall as a climber with an indefinite spread at a rate of at least 3m p/a.

LOCATION: Best in humid coastal areas in medium to bright indirect sunlight. Sap my cause dermatitis to those with sensitive skin.

SOIL: Best in an organically enriched free draining fertile soil with a pH 5.1 – 6.5, strongly acidic to mildly acidic.

FERTILISER: Apply a slow release 13:13:13 NPK every three months together with Fe sulphate if soil becomes too alkaline.

WATER: Keep soil just moist enough in winter, increasing as necessary in summer for best appearance. Does not accept over irrigation or waterlogging.