Acacia farnesiana

FAMILY: Vachellia

Maintenance: Low maintenance requirements except for pruning to develop a strong branching system and tree form. When planted in formal areas, pruning can be time consuming. If left un-pruned this plant will develop a thorny twigginess, which enhances its usefulness as a barrier plant. The natural form is poor and this plant has a tendency to form weak crotches caused by embedded bark forming in erect branches adjacent to the stem. May require staking. Small beans may create litter problems in both high maintenance and paved areas. Benefits from a reapplication of the mulch annually in spring. Apply a slow release 13.13.13 NPK every 8-9 months. Wash leaves occasionally to remove wind blown sand and dust, and to help reduce susceptibility to mites.

Plant No.: 17593-1-2-1 Category:

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