Acacia tortilis

FAMILY: Vachellia

Maintenance: In properly located plantings there should be little need for maintenance. Prune off lower growth if the intention is to establish a tree or to allow pedestrian or vehicular access. It is noted that mature branches having a diameter greater than 7.5 cm are best not removed. Trees will accept the removal of all the current season’s growth without apparent effect. If working on a mature tree the general rule is to leave the top 1/3 of the tree un-pruned. Fruit litter attracts rodents and insects. Benefits from a reapplication of the mulch annually in spring. Apply a slow release 14.14.14 NPK every 4 months. Watch for bruchid beetles and caterpillars. Wash leaves occasionally to remove wind blown sand and dust, and to help reduce susceptibility to mites.

Plant No.: 17593-1-2-1-1 Category:

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