Bambusa multiplex green

‘Hedge Bamboo’

FAMILY: Bambusa

USES: Provides a strong tropical effect. In silhouette, as a specimen, background or screen plant. Does well in Japanese gardens, near streams, ponds, water features, around pools and in courtyards.

SIZE: Grows 3 – 4.5m tall with a clumping spread of 1.5 – 3m. Slow growing.

LOCATION: Full sun to partial shade. Does well in the more humid coastal locations or near the ample irrigation and humidity of a lawn. Needs some protection from direct sea wind. Not so good in the open, hot, dry desert regions.

SOIL: Best in an organically enriched free draining fertile soil with a pH 5.6 – 7.8, acidic. Will show leaf chlorosis if soil is too alkaline or saline.

FERTILISER: Apply a slow release 14:14:14 NPK every six months. A greedy plant. Apply additional N every two months if you want to push growth. Over fertilising will promote early flowering so take care as this plant is monocarpic.

WATER: Keep soil moist. Not very drought tolerant. However does not accept over irrigation or waterlogging.

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