Red Bird of Paradise’

FAMILY: Caesalpinia

USES: Tropical effect through its prolonged flowering period. Does well en masse, as a shrub, hedge, foundation plant, container plant, espalier, in courtyards and as a screen.

SIZE: Grows 2.5 to 4m tall with a 2-3m spread. Fast growing.

LOCATION: Full sun to light partial shade. Does well with some protection from direct sea wind or hot, dry desert wind which may cause leaf burn.

SOIL: Best in an organically enriched free draining fertile soil with a pH 5.6 – 7.8, acidic to mildly alkaline. Will show leaf chlorosis if soil is too alkaline.

FERTILISER: Apply a slow release 14:14:14 NPK every 4 months. Avoid the use of high N fertiliser.

WATER: Keep soil moist for better, faster growth.