Ipomoea cairica

Coastal Morning Glory

Botanical Name: Ipomoea cairica

One of the commonest yet most useful of the evergreen creepers, refreshing the eve in the hottest weather with its clear, green leaves and delicate, mauve blooms, the Railway Creeper is found in gardens, villages, and on practically every railway station, thus earning for itself its nickname. This morning glory vine is beautiful, climbing on to whatever it finds – the purple flower-studded vine wrapped around bending bamboo stems, is a pleasing sight. Its stem is hairless, readily set roots when in touch with the earth.

Uses: An evergreen, flowering, twining, herbaceous, perennial vine or groundcover with an aggressive, vigorous, dense growth.

Size: Upto 15m and above.

Location: Full sun to partial shade.

Soil: Accepts most soils types.

Fertiliser: 14.14.14 NPK – Spring and Autumn.

Plant No.: 70 Category:

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