Delonix regia

Delonix regia

Delonix regia, sometimes known as flamboyant or royal poinciana, is a tropical tree native to Madagascar that has been widely planted in tropical and semi-tropical places across the world. From May through July, this many-branched, broad, spreading, flat-crowned deciduous tree is well-known for its stunning display of red-orange bloom, which literally covers the treetops. Nothing beats a royal poinciana in full bloom. When planted in full light, royal poinciana will produce the most flowers and with its best growth. Tolerant of a broad range of soils and climates, royal poinciana requires regular watering until established, and thereafter only during severe droughts. Early pruning is necessary to promote the establishment of well-attached branches to the trunk.



Plant Growth Rate: Fast

Light Preference: Full Sun

Water Preference: Low, Moderate

Landscape Uses: Winter hardy, flamboyant is an outstanding flowering tree for gardens, parks, along streets, and for large front yards. Mature trees provide excellent shade.

Size: Grows 9-12m tall with a 12-21m spread.

Soil Requirements: Best in an organically enriched, clay, loamy sandy & well draining fertile soil with a acidic to alkaline pH level.

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