Duranta repens

‘Golden Berry, Pigeon Berry’

FAMILY: Duranta

USES: Native to USA (Florida) & Brazil. Erect to spreading, bushy shrub. Leaves are elliptic to ovate and grow up to 7.5 cm long and 3.5 cm broad. Green color flowers are in tight clusters, located on terminal and axillary stems. Grows well in winter.

SIZE: Grows to 3m tall with a 3m spread at a rate of 50-60 cm p/a.

LOCATION: Full sun in coastal areas to light partial shade in the desert areas. Direct sea wind or hot, dry desert wind may cause leaf burn.

SOIL: Best in an organically enriched fertile soil with a pH 6.1 – 7.5, mildly acidic to neutral.

FERTILISER: Apply a slow release 14:14:14 NPK in spring and autumn.

WATER: Keep soil moist. Drought tolerant for short periods. Sensitive to fluorides.

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