Washingtonia robusta (Washingtonia Palm)

Uses: Strong vertical effect and a great accent plant. Does well as a specimen, street tree, in parks, around pools, public spaces and entranceways. Often seen in courtyards, atriums and close to buildings.


  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Tree Shape: Oval
  • Canopy Symmetry: Symmetrical
  • Canopy Density: Open
  • Canopy Texture: Coarse
  • Height at Maturity: Over 23
  • Spread at Maturity: 1.5 to 3 meters


  • Frost Tolerant: No
  • Heat Tolerance: Yes
  • Drought Tolerance: Yes
  • Salt Tolerance: Good


  • Soil Requirements: Clay, Loam, Sand
  • Soil Ph Requirements: Acidic, Alkaline
  • Water Requirements: Moderate
  • Light Requirements: Full, Part


  • Toxicity: No
  • Susceptibility to Pests and Diseases: Yes
  • Mowing Height: 5 – 7 cm
  • Surface Rooting: No
  • Life Span: 25-50 years
  • Edible Parts: Fruit
  • Pests: Mites, Nematodes
  • Plant Propagation: Cutting