Washingtonia robusta

Washingtonia robusta

The Washingtonia robusta Palm, which grows quickly and is exceptionally resilient, may give immediate tropical landscape appeal. A very tall, slender, solitary palm with a thin, brownish-grey stem to which many ancient fronds are still connected, and brilliant green, palmate fronds with reddish-brown sheaths loaded with thorns. Solitary trunk, long and thin, up to 30 cm in diameter, brownish grey with tightly placed leaf scars (although usually at least part of the trunk remains covered with dead leaves that hang in a thatch). They’re popular among landscapers who want to give a newly completed home a finished look, as well as homeowners who seek more quick pleasure. And for those who simply want the most heat-tolerant plants, the Washingtonia robusta is your palm.



Plant Growth Rate: Moderate

Light Preference: Full Sun

Water Preference: Moderate

Landscape Uses: Strong vertical effect and a great accent plant. Does well as a specimen, street tree, in parks, around pools, public spaces and entrance ways. Often seen in courtyards, atriums and close to buildings.

Size: Grows 8-10m tall with a 2-2.5m spread at a rate of 40-60 cm p/a.

Soil Requirements: Best in an organically enriched, loamy and well draining fertile soil with a pH 6.1 – 8.5, mildly acidic to alkaline.

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