A Guide to Indoor Growing for Beginners

By Global Garden While most people have grown a plant outdoors, people often seek out a guide on indoor growing for beginners. Fortunately, we’re providing just that. You’ll be happy to learn that a lot of the same principles that apply to outdoor growing also apply to indoor growing. These include applying the proper amount […]

Indoor Gardening Tips and Tricks.

Understand your plant: Plants are living things and can themselves indicate their requirements. For healthy plant growth, it is important to observe and study your plants individually and carefully. The dampness of the soil, the posture and colour of the leaves, are a direct giveaway of the needs of your plant. Drooping leaves are a sign […]

Mulching – the right way of retaining the nutrients

Mulching is an important part of establishing and maintaining a garden. You must now be wondering how mulching benefits? Here is what Wahat Al Sahraa Nursery experts have to tell you: The benefits of mulching include: Improved absorption and retention of water and reduction of evaporation, leading to dramatically reduced water usage and more efficient […]