Boswellia sacra

FAMILY: Leucaena

USES: Background plant, fodder plant, hedging plant, pioneer or primary plant, reclamation schemes, shade or overstorey plant, soil stabilizer plant, windbreak plant.

SIZE: 5-10 Mtr

LOCATION: Full sun to partial shade

SOIL: Organically enriched dune sand

SOIL pH : <5 – 8.5 : very acidic to alkaline

FERTILISER: 20.10.5 NPK with trace elements

Maintenance: Low maintenance requirements if planted correctly. Prune as required to control size, shape and general appearance. Removal of suckers, seedlings, leaves and pods that often cover the tree and can look quite untidy. Benefits from a reapplication of the mulch together with a slow release 20.10.5 NPK with trace elements annually if required, noting that this plant has a low nutrient requirement. Wash leaves occasionally to remove wind blown sand and dust.

Plant No.: 17593-1-2-1-2-1 Category:

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