Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow’

FAMILY: Brunfelsia

USES: Tropical effect through its continual flower display. Does well as a shrub, hedge, foundation plant, container plant, understorey plant, in courtyards and in mixed borders.

SIZE: Grows 2 – 3.5m tall with a 2-3m spread.

LOCATION: Full sun to light partial shade. Prefers high humidity and does well in coastal areas.

SOIL: Best in an organically enriched free draining fertile soil with a pH 6.1 – 7.5, mildly acidic to alkaline. Will show leaf chlorosis, particularly Fe if soil is too alkaline or saline.

FERTILISER: Apply a slow release 19:6:12 NPK annually in spring.

WATER: Keep soil moist. Not drought tolerant. Does not accept over irrigation or waterlogging.